Enjoy Birding in Turkey!

Turkey is a magnificent country with over 400 regular species, a huge diversity of habitats, nice climate, lots of open landscape and wonderful climate. There are over 40 species, best seen by visiting Turkey. Moreover nice people and nice food make your stay a memorable experience.

We are a group of enthusiastic birders, organising and guiding trips through Turkey. Some of us are ecologist, the others are also bird photographers. We reside in Istanbul ad Izmir, but travel to all parts of the country.

We have clients of many nationalities, mostly from United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland in Europe. But we also have clients from USA, Canada, Australia and other countries. We speak English, German, Spanish and Greek.

In some tours we have been leading for international travel agencies, where we run tours for mostly 8-16 people. In other we manage our own groups of 4-6 people. Sometimes we have private trips for 1-2 people. We also offer daily trips in Istanbul.

We look forward showing you the birds in Turkey!