We offer two kinds of tours on our website. There are scheduled tours with fixed itineraries and dates, and private tours where you define the dates and your target species list.

  • Scheduled tours. For tighter budgets, we recommend you to write up to a scheduled tour. We have 8 scheduled tours announced on on the scheduled tours page (LINK) which run with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 people. As soon as 4 people turn up, we can make sure the tour will run, announce the price and ask you to buy your flight tickets. Meanwhile other people may join up the tour and so the price keep dropping, and you get a better value for your money. Alternatively you can gather a group of friends from your local birding club and actively help to lower the price.
  • Private tours. Usually couples or small groups ask us for tours for the dates they define. Most clients enjoy the flexibility and freedom.

Moreover we can prepare tailer-made tours for costumers who have been in the region and would like to a special itinerary to get their target list.

  • You might have bought your flight ticket and request a tour running between your arrival and departure airport.
  • You might want to combine two tours, such as Extensive Eastern and Eastern Turkey and get all the missing species in a single visit to Turkey.
  • You might want to focus on a single species, such as Sociable Lapwing, Brown Fish Owl, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Wallcreeper or Olive-tree Warbler.

Other fauna and flora

We manage common species of mammals, butterflies and flowers, but we aren’t expert of those groups. However we can help you to enjoy them with our extensive ‘mobile’ library on fauna and flora of Turkey and network of experienced people.

Birdwatching with archeology and history

Turkey is not only one of the best countries for birding, it is also a significant destination for history, archeology and culture. If birding is not the highest priority of your partner, we can add visits to archeological sites on the route. Places such as Cappadocia, Ephesus, Troy, Pergamon, St. Paul’s Trail and Istanbul are very worth visiting. Don’t forget, archaelogical sites are also good for birding!


For small groups we drive the vehicle ourself. For larger groups we provide a van with/without a driver with hot and cold beverages available. We prefer not to cover more than 300 km (ca. 200 miles) a day.


Hotels range from basic accommodation to 3-4 star hotels. However in certain cases we use 5 star hotels when they provide good value and close proximity to birding areas.